About Tiffany


Hi! I’m Tiffany, but most of my bests call me Tiff, or even Tiffy. I am a word girl. One of my favorite things is to chase words. They have been chased onto blogs since 2005, and I have settled on now capturing them here in this new, clean space. I have learned that I do not fit into a box, especially the box that I have tried to fold myself into for all of my life. As a recovering Baptist, rule-following, self-titled ‘good girl’, that un-boxing has at times frightened me. I like things that fit neatly into boxes. I like black and white and learning to live in the gray is new for me. I like order and to know what to expect. But, the truth is, I am just very human, very flawed, and I am so filled with contradictions. I am learning that I am a walking contradiction, and I am learning that is okay. I am ever emerging into who I was created to be, and sometimes that means that I change my mind and learn and grow in areas that I once was so certain in, and that means that I still have many areas of life that I need to learn and grow in. That is why I needed a new space and could no longer write in my old space. I needed to move away from who I once was, because I am no longer her, and she had become ‘boxed’ in over there. I needed to capture words and release them in a wider, safer place, where they could fly and not suffocate inside of a box. So, here I am, a Jesus – following, coffee-loving, mascara – wearing, small-town, quiet girl, unexpectedly living back in America after two years of life in the capital city of Ethiopia, passionate  about people, spreading kindness, mercy lover, and being a listening ear and a safe place for those who do not have that.

Welcome to my un-boxing. I am glad you are here. I enjoy strong coffee, deep, raw  conversations, and creating a safe place for people to  dialogue. Sip some coffee and stay awhile; your words matter to me.